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aloha state games 07 June 10, 2007

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Bob took third in Men’s Epee

Kaori took third in Women’s Epee, 7th in foil (2nd among women), 9th in saber (2nd among women)


jeremy took 7th in epee, 10th in foil


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National Library Week Fencing Demo April 21, 2007

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present: greg, keith, and jeremy. Salle Honolulu donated two copies of Nestor’s book to the library

flat stanley, colin, jeremy flat stanley, colin, keith keith, electronic target 07apr21-009.jpg keith, electronic target keith, electronic target 07apr21-012.jpg keith keith keith, jeremy keith, jeremy keith, jeremy keith, jeremy, electronic target keith, jeremy, electronic target keith, jeremy, electronic target keith, electronic target keith, jeremy, electronic target keith, electronic target flat stanley, colin, keith, electronic target keith & jeremy fence foil keith & jeremy fence foil keith & jeremy fence foil keith & jeremy fence foil keith & jeremy fence foil keith & jeremy fence foil keith & jeremy fence foil

Nestor Apr 12 April 12, 2007

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nestor presents jared with the Yellow Shirt greg, jared, nestor nestor presents jared with the Yellow Shirt nestor, jared jared (being presented with Yellow Shirt), nestor, colin nestor, jared nestor, jared nestor, jared jeremy, nestor jeremy, nestor nestor, jeremy nestor, jeremy (jared, greg in background) nestor, jeremy nestor, jeremy nestor, jeremy nestor, jeremy (keith looking on) nestor, jeremy (keith looking on) nestor, jeremy (keith looking on) kamuela, greg, jared nestor, keith kamuela, greg, jared nestor, keith kamuela, greg, jared nestor, kamuela nestor, kamuela (jared, keith) nestor, kaori nestor, kaori (keith looking on) kaori nestor, kaori (keith looking on) jeremy, jared, keith, kamuela nestor, kaori, lunge jared, kamuela nestor, kaori kaori, kamuela, keith, jared nestor, kaori kamuela, keith, kaori, nestor, jared, jeremy nestor, jared, keith, kamuela jeremy, jared, nestor, keith, kaori nestor, kamuela, kaori kaori fences nestor kaori fences nestor kaori fences nestor nestor fences kaori (keith looking on) kaori fences nestor kaori fences nestor kaori, keith, jeremy, colin, jared, nestor kaori fences nestor kaori, keith, jeremy, colin, jared, nestor nestor at mac 24-7 mac 24-7 menu keith having pancakes at mac 24-7

Hawai’i State Championships April 2, 2007

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it was a good day for salle honolulu. Bob and I (Jared) tied for third. Keith, Jeremy, and Kamu were also in the tournament.

jeremy, jared, keith bob farrow pool sheet jared jared pool sheet jared keith and jeremy’s pool sheet bob watching jeremy kamu pool sheet bob watching jeremy direct elimination table of 16 keith bob watching jeremy bob watching jeremy bob watching jeremy keith keith keith keith jared jared jared vs jeremy jared vs jeremy jared vs jeremy

mar 27-29 March 30, 2007

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in-club tournament mar 27: jared won; jeremy, kamu, and keith tied for second

07mar27-003.jpg 07mar27-004.jpg 07mar27-006.jpg 07mar27-007.jpg 07mar27-010.jpg 07mar27-011.jpg 07mar27-012.jpg 07mar27-013.jpg 07mar27-014.jpg 07mar27-017.jpg 07mar27-022.jpg 07mar27-024.jpg 07mar27-025.jpg 07mar27-027.jpg 07mar27-029.jpg 07mar27-030.jpg 07mar27-031.jpg

present mar 28: christina (and her dad), keith, liane, kyle, mikaela.

07mar29-001.jpg 07mar29-002.jpg 07mar29-005.jpg 07mar29-006.jpg 07mar29-008.jpg

present mar 29 at AOP: tripper, ben, sky, and CJ

07mar29-014.jpg 07mar29-015.jpg 07mar29-016.jpg 07mar29-020.jpg 07mar29-022.jpg 07mar29-024.jpg 07mar29-028.jpg 07mar29-029.jpg 07mar29-031.jpg

present in the evening: greg and keith

thursday march 8 March 11, 2007

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present at AOP: tripper, ben, CJ, hannah, keli’i

tripper, elliott, keli’i hannah, CJ, ben hannah, CJ, ben tripper tripper, ben tripper, hannah, CJ hannah, tripper, CJ hannah, tripper, CJ hannah, CJ CJ, keli’i keli’i, tripper, ben CJ, hannah ben, keli’i, tripper CJ, hannah tripper, hannah, CJ ben, hannah tripper hannah, CJ tripper, CJ, ben

 present at the Honolulu Club: keith, jeremy, and alex. visitor: philip

phil, keith, jeremy

saturday march 3 March 3, 2007

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happy japanese girls day!

present at the Honolulu Club in the morning: matt.

 fencing in the epee tournament: jeremy.

fencing in the saber: kyle, keith, and kaori.

jeremy epee jeremy epee jeremy epee jeremy epee kaori, eric fragas (visiting from new mexico) kaori saber keith saber keith saber keith saber kaori saber kaori saber

at saturday evening: jared

saturday feb 24 February 25, 2007

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kaori won the women’s foil tournament, qualifying to nationals and earning Salle Honolulu’s “Yellow Shirt” (awarded to the top Salle Honolulu competition fencer).

jared congratulates kaori for earning the “Yellow Shirt”

participating in the men’s foil: bob, jeremy, keith, jared, kamuela, and colin. (colin qualified to div 2 nationals)

at MCC fencing in the afternoon: keli’i and alex.

Tuesday Feb 20 February 21, 2007

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present at trinity lutheran: michelle, zech, jake, noah, and adam.

present in the evening: alex, kaori, keith, veritas, and jeremy

jake, michelle michelle, adam michelle, jake, adam

hawaii open day 2, sunday feb 11 February 11, 2007

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ed richards, david drake 07feb11-002.jpg jeremy, ewa jeremy, ewa ewa, jeremy david drake foil results women’s epee results youth foil results veteran epee results ed richards, ewa gwozdzinski philip hedges, ed richards, ewa gwozdzinski philip hedges, ewa gwozdzinski rob radanovich philip hedges, ewa gwozdzinski philip hedges, ewa gwozdzinski philip hedges, ewa gwozdzinski roland pendleton ed richards, philip hedges, ewa gwozdzinski philip hedges, ewa gwozdzinski, jerry philip hedges, ewa gwozdzinski, jerry tedd padgitt tedd padgitt license plate holder roland pendleton epee finalists yervand, henry chang yervand, henry chang henry chang, yervand andrew gergely, yervand andrew gergely, zachary warburg andrew gergely, zachary warburg andrew gergely, zachary warburg andrew gergely, zachary warburg andrew gergely, zachary warburg