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Thursday April 5 AOP April 5, 2007

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Wells lesse….

Who was present: Hannah, John, CJ, Ben and yours truly ^^ yes i’m back!

What we did: Footwork, a long drill, talked about how its easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission, n tried to learn some basics of being a ref

hahaha on the side note…I’M BACK LETS SPICE UP THIS JOINT A TAD

tripper leads ashley, CJ, hannah, and ben in footwork ashley, hannah, CJ doing footwork ben, hannah, ashley do footwork tripper leads ashley, CJ, and hannah in footwork ben, CJ ben, hannah, ashley tripper referees hannah and ashley while ben and CJ look on hannah referees ben and CJ while tripper looks on ashley referees CJ while hannah and tripper look on hannah referees ashley while ben and CJ look on hannah referees tripper and ashley ashley referees hannah and CJ while ben and tripper look on CJ vs ashley ben, ashley, hannah, tripper

Hawai’i State Championships April 2, 2007

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it was a good day for salle honolulu. Bob and I (Jared) tied for third. Keith, Jeremy, and Kamu were also in the tournament.

jeremy, jared, keith bob farrow pool sheet jared jared pool sheet jared keith and jeremy’s pool sheet bob watching jeremy kamu pool sheet bob watching jeremy direct elimination table of 16 keith bob watching jeremy bob watching jeremy bob watching jeremy keith keith keith keith jared jared jared vs jeremy jared vs jeremy jared vs jeremy

The Flickr Fencing Group March 4, 2007

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Not a whole lot to post, but I found the Flickr photo group for fencing. Some really neat photos.

AOP Feb 15 February 15, 2007

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today practiced:
close and far lunging, parries n riposte
had a long talk about the open and branched off into other key conflicting subjects after that like extending first vs feet firstness

close together attacking is hard but today’s class was fun..and hey i think i’m getting better…either that or everyone’s getting tired…T_T heh wells that’s my two cents of the day

tripper, CJ, elliott CJ, ashley ashley, CJ, tripper keli’i, CJ, tripper, hannah, sky keli’i, CJ, tripper, ashley, hannah keli’i tripper, ashley, ben hannah, sky, keli’i, CJ, tripper hannah, sky, keli’i, tripper, CJ

Jared’s Junior Olympics in Denver February 14, 2007

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I (Jared) just arrived in Denver today. It was SUPER COLD, I had to wear a shirt, sweatshirt, and leather jacket, scarf, hat, and gloves to stay somewhat warm in the 15 degrees, snowy, weather.

Also I saw a Coyote looking at us when we drove up to the hotel !!!

No, Im serious… I didn’t know they would just walk around the city like that, its scary lol !!!

EDIT:[ Ill continue to make comments on this topic about whats happening over here (about the fencing tournament itself). ]

fencing fashion February 3, 2007

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A few of the model shots I’ve done with my fencing gear…

with MAC model Elvira Stehr with fashiontv modelschool (Emilynn Evangelista)

The first is with MAC model Elvira Stehr for my portfolio. She’s 5’10” and her nickname is “elf

The black and white shot is from my days as a mentor for the fashiontv modelschool. I’m planning to use that as an add for my fencing group.

AOP Thursday w/ Nestor January 25, 2007

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Ok…wells just got back ^^ haha cj i beat you!!! *colin, add two more categories
…ahem nevetheless…Nestor Rosario came over and basically drilled a bunch of basics w/ us and in the end…kinda…er…kicked all our butts in the end. He showed a lot of new drills and tried correcting some of us.

Personally I thought it was really fun T_T even though I got *jared’s gonna hate me for this* owned.  On the other hand, CJ and John actually did put up a decent fight…John being the person that was “wooooooow”ing us all, and Keli’i was great participating in all of this.
But yah…the fact that Nestor was a lefty…aka lefty vs. lefty was….weird.  I admit i’m below average but…-.- tis weird.  haha, another side note….whoever goes to AOP, check the post and see how much dents we left 😛 haha.
And tomorrow’s school all over again, and then saturday…^^ YAY i might be able to “with full authority” *cough* aka sneak out *cough*  go to MCC haha *shhhhhh*

^^ yup yup…so in short Lessons w/ Mr. Nestor was different and fun in the end.
People who came: Colin, Nestor, John, CJ, Hannah, Keli’i, Ben, and of couse moi

ciao ciao, i have hula to go to…HOPE YOU HCC PEOPLES WILL HAVE FUN W/ HIM!

07jan25-003.jpg 07jan25-004.jpg 07jan25-010.jpg 07jan25-011.jpg 07jan25-014.jpg 07jan25-016.jpg 07jan25-017.jpg 07jan25-018.jpg 07jan25-020.jpg 07jan25-021.jpg 07jan25-026.jpg 07jan25-028.jpg 07jan25-033.jpg 07jan25-035.jpg 07jan25-036.jpg 07jan25-042.jpg 07jan25-043.jpg 07jan25-045.jpg 07jan25-047.jpg 07jan25-049.jpg 07jan25-056.jpg 07jan25-058.jpg 07jan25-062.jpg 07jan25-069.jpg

Ashley needs help… January 11, 2007

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T_T Ahhhhh…I have a dilema.  Apparently I can parry alright, the problem is… once I’m at a standstill with peoples…apparently it means they want me to attack.  This is where its sad because I just lunge to my own demise…T_T and i really cant seem to fix it.  Any ideas on solutions peoples?


Duel to the Death! January 1, 2007

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Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions is to build up my defensive skills. I have a tendency to tunnel vision that open area for a touché and let counter attacks go right pass me.

Some of you may know how it is in a tournament. You’re so engrossed in winning the bout and going on to the next one you don’t think about the points until the math is done and the pool rankings come out.

So one exercise I’ve been thinking about is to stop thinking about earning points and think more of fighting to save your life!

So a duel to the death! One way to practice this would be to have everyone divide up into small groups to fence in (that is if you a lot of members). People in the group would line up and the first two would start bouting… albeit starting off with 3 or 5 “lives” to defend. Soon as someone “dies” (runs out of lives) the next person in line would take that place with a new set of lives. But the remaining fencer would have to continue with whatever lives he or she still has remaining. That could go on and on and maybe redo the groups every once in a while for more “fresh meat” to kill. But basically the idea is to stay alive as long as you possible can before having to get back in line.

Another way would be to try it in a tournament style with everyone starting off with something like 7 lives to fight their way to the top till only one fencer remains as there can only be one!

Ashley at the Honolulu Club December 26, 2006

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Tuesday, 7:00..ish at the Honolulu club Ashley stepped into the elevators of the club not knowing the advancity of the fencers she was about to meet.  Forward three hours.  Fencing is done and Ashley….Ashley is….defeated no matter the level of help people tried giving her. 

 But yah…that’s how my day went with the fencing peoples today.  Apparently I met a lot of people that were older than me…and one person who was younger…but he still kicked my ass on “ridiculously easy” mode.  One person…I believe his name was Keith? <-correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m terrible w/ names…ANYWAYS, he tried…and apparently somewhat succeeded in teaching me how to advance lunge somewhat…kinda…more professional looking…yah you get the picture.  I dunno fencing in AOP and fencing in the Honolulu Club…(i’m just gonna start calling it the “HC” from now on) is REALLY different.

~ HC class is WAY more advanced than AOP <-but that’s probably cause they have more experience than everyone in AOP…besides probably John.
~ AOP has people around my age level.  I dunno I kinda feel more comfortable w/a class that has people around my age…*although that’s not really a good thing in many ways*
~ I have to say …like being advanced wise HC is WAY MORE INTENSE.  AOP tends to be really laid back and recreational, but i dunno something in the HC is different.

But yah…that’s about all I can point out.  I dunno my left hand is killing me…and i dont wanna squat for anything at the moment.  meh…that’s life…no pain no gain.  I do encourage Hannah and CJ to try one time 😀 *insert evil laugh* T_T Apparently I have to work on being more “aggressive.” …something i really cant do by nature.  O wells till next time…


originaly the title was “Ashley OWNED at the Honolulu Club” but due to some peoples “OWNED” was taken out.