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bob earns bronze medal in veteran epee feb 23 February 23, 2008

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In the first round of the over-40 epee, bob lost to john guetersloh of ofc and doug thistlewaite of “no fear,” but he beat donna rapadas and fran sakaguchi of ofc and ken colgate of red rock. Bob placed second in the pool of six with three victories and indicator points of plus six.
bob was seeded 4 in a field of 11 and had a bye in the first round of direct eliminations.
Bob beat colgate 10-9 then lost to eventual winner thistlewaite 4-10
Bob finished tied for third.
Congratulations to bob on earning the bronze!

jared, bob, and keith compete in hawaii open foil feb 23 February 23, 2008

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blaisdell center: In the first round, bob lost to ambrose lee of the Damocles Fencing Club in northern Canada and tedd padgitt from san diego, but beat tom delewski and roland ng of hfc and tom mcclintock of ofc. Bob placed third in the pool of six with three victories and indicator points of minus one.
Meanwhile, keith lost to david drake, a student of tedd padgitt, but beat wayne miyamoto of swordfight club, jesse payton of hfc and Jarrett masunaga of ofc. keith placed second in the pool of five with three victories and indicator points of plus five.
And jared lost to rose forcier (student of tedd padgitt) and roland pendleton of hfc, but beat john guetersloh of ofc and john-rolf of swordfight club. jared placed fourth in the pool of five with two victories and indicator points of minus two
In the direct eliminations, keith was seeded 8, bob 9, and jared 13 in a field of 21.
Jared won his first DE against jesse payton 15-3.
Unfortunately, keith and bob drew each other as their first DE. Keith eliminated bob 15-7.

Jared lost his second DE against josh thurlow (unattached) 4-15.
Keith lost his second DE against david drake 7-15.
Jared finished 13, bob finished 9, and keith finished 8.
The top eight are the finalists and receive medals.
Congratulations to keith on medaling! And congratulations to all three for fighting well!

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sep 22 September 22, 2007

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present: bob, conny, kaori, keith, grant, and guests claudio and romina

 kaori lunges at claudio claudio claudio, romina bob, claudio, epee bob, claudio, epee claudio fleches on bob tightening the grip claudio bob, claudio, epee claudio lunging for a toe touch on bob bob, claudio, epee kaori warms up claudio kaori, claudio, epee kaori lunges at claudio kaori, claudio, infight claudio grant fences foil with claudio grant fences foil with claudio the gang keith, claudio, epee keith, claudio, epee claudio vs colin conny fences foil with claudio romina and claudio try on their new t-shirts kaori lunges at claudio colin lunges at claudio 

aloha state games 07 June 10, 2007

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Bob took third in Men’s Epee

Kaori took third in Women’s Epee, 7th in foil (2nd among women), 9th in saber (2nd among women)


jeremy took 7th in epee, 10th in foil


bonnie, jeremy, bob bob, kaori jeremy, bonnie, bob, kaori angeles kaori, fran fran, kaori angeles kaori angeles kaori, jeremy kaori, jeremy jeremy, kaori conny, claire, phil, bob, bonnie kaori, jeremy kaori lunges kaori, jeremy lauren, jeremy, kaori angeles kaori, angeles kaori, angeles angeles kaori bob ray, conny, claire, phil, bob bob angeles, kaori kaori kaori, angeles kaori, jeremy jeremy, kaori jeremy, angeles, kaori jeremy, angeles, kaori jeremy, kaori, angeles angeles, kaori angeles, kaori angeles, kaori (bonnie, conny in background) kaori (bonnie, conny in background) angeles, donna bob, angeles jeremy, kaori kaori ray, conny, claire, phil, bob jeremy, kaori jeremy, kaori jeremy, kaori jeremy, kaori jeremy, kaori jeremy, kaori kaori has a good time lauren, kaori lauren fleches kaori angeles gets bronze jeremy, angeles, kaori angeles gets bronze angeles gets bronze

May 26 June 10, 2007

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present: keli’i, jeremy, bob, brian

keli’i, elliott brian, bob jeremy, keli’i, brian, bob jeremy, keli’i, brian, bob keli’i, brian, bob jeremy, keli’i, brian, bob jeremy, brian keli’i, bob jeremy, brian keli’i, bob jeremy, brian elliott, ken bob, keli’i, jeremy, brian keli’i, bob keli’i, bob brian stops for a phone call jeremy, keli’i, brian elliott, ken jeremy, brian, keli’i jeremy, keli’i, brian brian, bob bob, brian brian, jeremy, bob brian, jeremy, bob brian, jeremy

May 5: foil team takes bronze May 5, 2007

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kaori, bob, colin, keith, jared kaori keith, bob, jared, kaori kaori, bob, keith, jared jared, donna, bob jared, keith, bob kaori bob, kaori kaori, bob, colin, keith, jared 

Apr 26, 28 April 30, 2007

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Present Thursday at AOP: ben, CJ, Hannah

Present in the evening: gregg, jared, keith, kamu

Present Saturday: bob, jared, keli’i, kaori

kaori, bob kaori, bob kaori, jared bob, kaori, jared jared, kaori, bob kaori ponders jared, bob kaori decides

april 7 April 9, 2007

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present in the morning: matt and greg

greg, matt greg, matt

present in the evening: bob, jared, keli’i, grant, and kamu. lisa stopped by. spectating were dads elliott and stacy.

keli’i, jared, grant, bob do footwork jared, bob, grant do footwork bob, grant, keli’i do footwork jared, bob, grant, keli’i do footwork keli’i and bob do footwork jared and bob suit up while grant and his dad look on bob, grant, stacy 

Hawai’i State Championships April 2, 2007

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it was a good day for salle honolulu. Bob and I (Jared) tied for third. Keith, Jeremy, and Kamu were also in the tournament.

jeremy, jared, keith bob farrow pool sheet jared jared pool sheet jared keith and jeremy’s pool sheet bob watching jeremy kamu pool sheet bob watching jeremy direct elimination table of 16 keith bob watching jeremy bob watching jeremy bob watching jeremy keith keith keith keith jared jared jared vs jeremy jared vs jeremy jared vs jeremy

mar 24 March 25, 2007

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present: bob, keli’i, jared, jonathan. visiting: hanul. parents: teresa, elliott, julius.

bob, teresa, elliott hanul, jared, keli’i jonathan, hanul, jared, keli’i jared, keli’i, jonathan, hanul, bob, teresa, elliott jared, keli’i, jonathan, hanul jared, keli’i, jonathan, hanul jared, jonathan, keli’i, hanul bob, teresa, elliott, hanul, jonathan jared, keli’i fence electric foil bob, teresa, elliott, jonathan, hanul jared julius, bob