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British Epeeist Jon Willis April 10, 2007

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Fencer’s ‘duel’ role  By Mark Barden   29 March 2007Jon Willis knows a bit about fences because of his job at the Stockport branch of DIY giants B&Q.  

But he knows an awful lot more about fencing, and has his sights set on epee success at the 2012 London Olympics.  

The 26-year-old recently became the first British fencer to win a World Cup event since 1981 at the Heidenheimer Pokal in Germany.  

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Israeli wins fencing title April 10, 2007

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Mar. 29, 2007

Israeli wins fencing title

By JOSH NASON          

Ashkelon native Slava Zingerman won the NCAA fencing title in men’s epee last Friday at Drew University.  Zingerman, 23, is a freshman at Wayne State University.

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March 22 March 22, 2007

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present: alex, keith, and jared

keith, alex alex, keith alex, keith keith, colin, alex colin, alex, keith colin, alex, keith 

thursday march 15 March 18, 2007

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present at AOP: tripper, ashley, hannah, CJ, and ben.

tripper hannah ashley, CJ tripper, CJ, hannah hannah, tripper hannah, tripper, colin CJ, tripper, ashley CJ, ashley CJ, tripper, ashley

present in the evening: alex, kaori, keith

keith, alex keith, alex alex, kaori alex tries a toe touch on keith

Honolulu Club Feb 8 February 9, 2007

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present: ewa, keith, jeremy. spectating: jerry.

pre-fencing: lunch cheesecake factory pre-fencing: lunch cheesecake factory pre-fencing: lunch cheesecake factory pre-fencing: lunch cheesecake factory keith, ewa, jeremy, colin jerry, ewa, jeremy, keith ewa, keith, jeremy ewa, keith keith salutes ewa, keith ewa, keith, jerry jerry, jeremy keith, ewa, jeremy, colin ewa

Honolulu Club Jan 30 January 30, 2007

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present: visitors kathy & daniel, veritas, jared, jeremy, keith, and kaori.

we had an epee fence-around, but didn’t complete all bouts. based on the bouts fenced, this is the placing:

1. jared

2. Daniel Risen

3. keith

4. veritas

5. kaori

6. colin

7. Jeremy

8. Kathy

kaori, keith veritas, jeremy veritas, jeremy Kathy Sweeton-Windsor daniel risen kaori jeremy veritas, keith

AOP dec 7 December 9, 2006

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we did foil, saber, and epee.

who remembers what drill we did for foil? saber? epee?

“How to face top fencers without crying” by canadian epeeist Elizabeth McClung December 8, 2006

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from the Screw Bronze blog:

Monday, December 04, 2006

How to face top fencers without crying: Canadian Women’s Epee Nationals 2006-07

The day was here. I was up at 5:55 am because the check-in for women’s epee was at 8:00 a.m. and, after having booked at the hotel recommended closest by the Canadian Fencing Federation; the CFF then changed the venue. But, not to worry, we were told, because the hotel was running two shuttles to the sports venue, one at 7:00 am and one at 7:30 am. Linda and I thought, since this was my first nationals, we would go at 7:00 am and have a lot of time to change and get ready. 7:00 am, the van pulls up, and the driver asks me, “are you going to the sports arena?” I nod and he grabs my bag. At this point a guy in his 50’s with a beard says, “put her bag down.” What? We both turn to look at him. “This van is for CFF referees only.” The driver looks puzzled and says he has heard nothing about that and after a brief argument heads inside coming back with out the CFF fax which says that in the first van CFF refs should be given first spots but all others can be given to athletes

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