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Fencer Angeles Woo’s Movie Cameo September 28, 2009

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Su Chao Bin Hopes to Inject Something Fresh into Something Old
— The Sword and the Pugilistic World —

The Sword and the Pugilistic World by John Woo is slated for production in Shanghai end of October. They’d move location to Taiwan in December or January. John Woo and Terence Chang are producing this film with Su Chao Bin directing, Stephen Tung Wai as the action director, and Emi Wada as the costume designer.

In The Sword and the Pugilistic World, Michelle Yeoh plays an assassin wishing to retire from the pugilistic world. She meets a guileless, sanguine guy Jung Woo Sung in a town, settles down with him and hopes to lead a peaceful life. However, due to her possession of some precious artifact, she can’t have her cake and eat it.

Director Su Chao Bin says that while the story sounds hackneyed, he hopes to inject something new, and shoot something redolent of wuxia spirit.

He adds that Barbie Hsu, who’s training for the Gu Long style wuxia film, is playing the 2nd most important female role, an assassin. She will have many fight scenes. Kelly Lin will play an important role, but won’t have as much screen time. John Woo’s daughter Angeles Woo, who’s trained in fencing, cameos as yet another assassin

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