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cody wins dec 13 kids foil tournament December 13, 2008

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Salle Honolulu’s “Yellow Shirt” is held by the current top tournament fencers
the current Salle Honolulu holders of the Yellow Shirt:
cody – cadet Yellow Shirt
jared – junior Yellow Shirt (for winning the junior epee tournament saturday morning)
jared and keith – team Yellow Shirt (for winning the team epee tournament saturday morning, beating four other teams)

results of kids foil tournament; dec 13; kahala:
congratulations to cody for taking first place!
congratulations to steven for taking second place!
congratulations to logan for taking third place!

first round: the pools (AKA seeding round)
pool 1
1st nicole
2nd logan
3rd haley
4th jack
5th donovan

pool 2
1st cody
2nd steven
3rd will
4th zack

direct elimination (AKA single elimination) seeding:

table of 16:
cody has a bye
jack defeats donovan
will has a bye
logan has a bye
steven has a bye
haley has a bye
zack has a bye
nicole has a bye

table of 8:
cody defeats jack
logan defeats will
steven defeats haley
zack defeats nicole

final 4:
first semi-final:
cody defeats logan

second semi-final:
steven defeats zack

bout for third:
logan defeats zack

bout for first:
cody defeats steven

final placing:
1. cody
2. steven
3. logan
4. zack
5. nicole
6. haley
7. will
8. jack
9. donovan

thank you to the family members who laid down strip 2
thank you to the fencers for refereeing, judging, and scorekeeping
thank you to cody’s family for bringing dessert
thank you to various people who took photos with my camera

merry christmas!



1. J. Pascual - December 14, 2008

It was a pleasure to take part in yesterday’s tournament. We owe much gratitude to Coach Colin for putting the event together and for his dedication to the sport of fencing. Cody was very pleased with the experience, and he was thrilled to have placed first. All of the fencers did very well. It was a joy to watch them compete. Thank you to all of you who helped to make it happen.

Merry Christmas to all!
The Pascual family

2. sallehon - December 14, 2008

as the winner, cody rec’d a postcard given by 98 world saber champ donna saworski

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