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Israel’s High Court Says Saturday Fencing Matches Discriminate Against Athlete November 2, 2008

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Arutz Sheva reported yesterday on a recent religious discrimination decision by Israel’s Supreme Court. The Court has ruled that a decision by Israel’s Fencing Association to reschedule a competition from Friday to Saturday constitutes religious discrimination against Yuval Freilich, a young Jewish athlete whose religious observance precludes his participation on the Sabbath. The court held that either Freilich must be allowed to compete on Saturday night after the end of the Sabbath, or else he must be awarded a technical victory in any competition held on Friday night or Saturday so that he can advance in the competition without violating his religious beliefs

article here


1. sallehon - November 2, 2008

Court issues temporary ban on Shabbat fencing meet

Observant 13-year-old fencing champion pleads with High Court to order Fencing Association to halt all Saturday tournaments since he cannot partake in them; cites religious discrimination, breach of Equal Opportunities Act

Aviad Glickman Latest Update: 10.24.08, 15:34 / Israel Jewish Scene

The High Court of Justice decided on Friday to set a temporary ban on an athletic meet scheduled for Shabbat, pursuant to a petition by a young fencer who is a religious Jew


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