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U.S. pleased with Olympic medal count August 24, 2008

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More American individuals wearing gold medals than Chinese
By DAVID BARRON Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
Aug. 24, 2008, 10:44PM

BEIJING — As China celebrated the end of the 2008 Beijing Olympics by gazing upon its pile of gold medals and dipping into Western culture to proclaim, “We’re No. 1,” the United States contemplated the glories of the socialist collective — and came up with the same answer.

Taking individual event finals into account, the host nation was the runaway leader in gold medals, with 51 to 36 for the United States. But the United States led in total medals with 110 to 100 for China, 72 for Russia and 47 for Great Britain, host of the 2012 London Games.

On top of that, as the country that introduced and perfected the concept of sabermetrical parsing, the U.S. came up with a way to finish on top in gold medals.

Counting its dominance in team sports in the final week of the Games, “More individual U.S. athletes will carry home gold medals around their neck than any other nation, if you want to count it that way,” said Jim Scherr, U.S. Olympic Committee CEO.

By that measure, the Americans routed the home team. Computing gold medals presented to each athlete on teams in men’s and women’s basketball, men’s volleyball, women’s rowing, beach volleyball and relay teams in track and swimming, among others, the U.S. claimed 125 total golds to 74 for China. In total medals awarded, the United States scored 315 to 186 for China.

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1. Matthew Davis - August 25, 2008

I find that your calculation of medals is still not imaginative enough. You should ask Rogg to caculate all the medals a country has won since there was such thing as Olympic and as you may gladly find out, because Soviet Union has gone bust and its medal can’t be calculated as the medals won by Russia, US becomes world No.1 again! Congratulations super power Uncle Sam!

2. Valery Volgman - August 25, 2008

But great Philps got 8 metals (although one of it is quite controversial) Will you count that as 1 metal because there is only one person winning all these metals? What on earth is the criterial (is there is any?)

3. morejamesmore - August 25, 2008

Hi Sallehon
I like your input to the great discussion about who “won” the 2008 Olympics.

I found this widget that displays who won the 2008 Olympics from different angles.
It displays medals won by total medal count, gold count – but in addition it can show medals won per million inhabitant and per million dollar GDP.

I think you might like it:-)

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