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sports illustrated: Sabre Sisters August 14, 2008

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August 18, 2008

Her confidence re-honed after a recent slump, defending champion Mariel Zagunis slowed her tempo and outdueled teammate Sada Jacobson to lead a U.S. medal sweep in the women’s sabre event
Brian Cazeneuve

UNITED STATES fencer Sada Jacobson instantly became the center of attention as she walked through the lobby of the National Convention Center in Beijing last Saturday night holding up the silver medal that she had won in the sabre competition just an hour earlier. Cathy Zagunis, the mother of sabre gold medalist Mariel Zagunis, inspected Jacobson’s silver and proclaimed its design of concentric circles “very amazing.” Bill Ward, a film producer and the father of sabre bronze medalist Becca Ward, said he wished he’d been allowed to bring his camera into the fencing venue, to capture the American sweep. The first U.S. celebration of the Beijing Games was clearly an extended family affair for the lady fencers, who accounted for all three U.S. medals on the first day of competition. Zagunis, 23, a junior at Notre Dame, defended her Olympic title by beating Jacobson, 25, a Yale graduate, in the final 15–8. Minutes earlier the Duke-bound Ward, 18, had rallied from a 6–1 deficit to edge Russia’s Sofiya Velikaya 15–14 for the bronze.

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