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“Spiderwick Chronicles” (2008 children’s fantasy movie) August 2, 2008

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twin brothers and their older sister move with their mother into an old house and subsequently have adventures with fairies and ogres.

the good news is that the girl, Mallory (Sarah Bolger), is a fencer!

the not-so-good news (for fencers) is that the fencing isn’t that good, nor as big a part of the movie as we’d like it to be.

the other not-so-good news is that the movie is just “okay.”

thanks to my friend Mindy for telling me this movie has fencing.



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2. Mindy - August 2, 2008

You’re welcome. I thought the sister’s name was Valerie. But wait…that’s MY sister. 🙂

3. sallehon - August 2, 2008

mallory is a good name for the fencer because it reminds us of sir thomas malory, who wrote “the death of arthur,” from which we get our tales of king arthur.

and then there’s george mallory, the turn-of-the-century larger-than-life english mountaineer who died on everest.

but valerie is a good name, too 🙂

4. sallehon - August 5, 2008


The 16-year-old actress talks working with special effects, fencing and the art of making a family movie

By DANIEL SCHWEIGER, Soundtrack Editor
Published 2/20/2008

I did five weeks of intense, crash-course fencing, which was four hours a days straight for five weeks. Then I did some time with the Canadian Olympic Fencing coach in Montreal. But he only taught me moves in French. So I have no idea of what they are in English!


5. Joe Chua - December 19, 2008


Is Spiderwick Chronicles 2008 out in the retail store? If not, when do
think they will be available?

Thank you.


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