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Luan Jujie August 2, 2008

Posted by sallehon in Asia.

Sabre-proof tiger
By Mure Dickie

Published: August 1 2008 23:32 | Last updated: August 1 2008 23:32

When Luan Jujie’s old coach heard that the former Chinese fencing star was planning a comeback for the Beijing Olympic Games, she could hardly believe it. Not that she doubted Luan’s talent: the left-handed foilist is China’s only winner of an Olympic gold medal for fencing. But that was in Los Angeles, nearly a quarter of a century and three children ago. By the time of the Beijing games, Luan would be 50.

“I told her, ‘You’re so old, why don’t you just focus on developing the next generation?’,” says coach Zhuang Xingdi. “There’s no need to suffer this kind of hardship.”

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1. sallehon - August 3, 2008

En garde for thee
Twenty-four years after winning gold for China, Jujie Luan will fence for Canada
John MacKinnon, Canwest News Service
Published: Sunday, August 03, 2008
Jujie Luan

Event: Individual foil

Born: July 14, 1958, Nanjing, China
Home town: Edmonton
Residence: Edmonton
Height: Five-foot-six
Weight: 121 pounds


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