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british olympic sabreur Alex O’Connell July 26, 2008

Posted by sallehon in England.
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Teaming up with Mum and DadSally Williams talks to three athletes, and their families, about how they grew up into Olympic contenders
Sally Williams
The Guardian, Saturday July 26 2008

Britain’s fencing representative for the Beijing Olympics, Alex O’Connell, 20, is studying classics at Cambridge University. His mother, Jan, is a part-time teacher in adult education, and his father, Michael, is a solicitor and property developer. They live in Brentwood, Essex, and have two other children, Matthew, 23, and Grace, 16.
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1. Jim - August 13, 2008

My son lives and works in London and I was wondering if you knew where Alex O’Connell trains.

2. sallehon - August 13, 2008

while I visited london many years ago, I am not familiar w the fencing scene there. but a google search reveals that alex once fenced at the Thames Fencing Club. I assume he still does, so you can check there. good luck.

3. Jim - August 15, 2008


When Alex returns to the UK perhaps my son can find him and have a bout or two.


4. sallehon - August 16, 2008

good luck to you and your son

5. bmepain - August 31, 2008

Greets! Really amazing. keep working!

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