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Swordfish Fencing t-shirt June 23, 2008

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by Wootbot Thursday May 29, 2008 12:00 AM

Everyone has had that moment in a Red Lobster or a fancy motel. The “I bet I could grab that thing off the wall and score a few touches before the cops got here” moment. And, really, who could blame you? The cops would do their job, but in their hearts they’d be on your side.

Swordfish are also the only member of family Xiphiidae. Isn’t that tragic and romantic? A lonely hero, an orphan, swimming in a vain hope to be left alone, his destiny a constant weight between his fins, forever challenged, proving himself again and again. No wonder so many women sigh when they see it on the menu. What better symbol of the sport of ne’er-do-wells and Olympic level royalty?

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