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Los Angeles: Brennan Louie June 23, 2008

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Eric Sondheimer:
A break in the fencing
Brennan Louie of LACES uses dance moves to help with his first love: fencing.
June 19, 2008

Sweat drips from Brennan Louie’s face as the 16-year-old twists and turns in a series of acrobatic break dance movements that produce both pleasure and pain.

Standing before a wall of mirrors in a dance room on the campus of the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, Louie practices different routines as hip-hop music blares from his iPod. No, he’s not considering trying out for “So You Think You Can Dance.” He’s preparing for his real passion: fencing.

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1. Anthony Chang - August 14, 2008

When he came to visit our club, Salle Honolulu; he seemed like an interesting fellow; he had a lot to say about fencing and his experiences but was also very modest with his accomplishments and his skills.

I don’t know if its his experience, the fact that he has a dance background, his natural abundance of energy or a combination of all of the former; but watching him move whether he was adjusting his position relative to his opponent but he was very, for a lack of a better word; springy.

His foot and legwork were unlike any of the more experienced fencers I watched Salle in that he moved much faster and there seemed to be a bit of hop in his step. When he attacked it was like a coil suddenly being released; many times his opponent was caught unaware.

To move like that though; it looks like fun and it makes a person want to be able imitate that sort of foot and legwork.

2. Kamuela Lau - August 25, 2008

It was indeed a pleasure to have him at the class. I like the point that was made that real fencing competitive spirit is hard to find in Hawaii, and it was good to fence someone very experienced from a more competitive fencing environment.

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