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Jacob of Trinity Lutheran wins Salle Honolulu kids tournament February 23, 2008

Posted by sallehon in Masutani, Photos, Tournaments.

Trinity Lutheran School, Friday Feb 22:

Gold – Jacob

Silver – Cameron

Bronze – Mary

4. Zechariah, Trinity Lutheran

5. Michelle, Trinity Lutheran

6. Kamuela, Trinity Lutheran

7. Samantha

8. Alex, Trinity Lutheran

9. Britney, Trinity Lutheran

10. Zac, Trinity Lutheran

002aweb.jpg 004aweb.jpg 006adoc.jpg 008aweb.jpg 010aweb.jpg 012aweb.jpg 016aweb.jpg 018aweb.jpg 020adoc.jpg 022adoc.jpg 024aweb.jpg 026web.jpg 028aweb.jpg 030aweb.jpg 032adoc.jpg 034adoc.jpg 036aweb.jpg 038adoc.jpg 040adoc.jpg 042adoc.jpg 044adoc.jpg 046adoc.jpg 



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3. trinityhawaii - February 26, 2008

Lots of surprises, I look forward to the next one. Congratulations to Cameron, just a few months in and shooting for gold! Good stuff. Thanks Coach Colin for the great evening.

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