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Honolulu Academy of Arts – The Golden Age June 22, 2007

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Posted on: Sunday, June 17, 2007

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The Golden Age! art from the golden ages of cultures from around the world with demonstrations of Islamic calligraphy by El Kadi, Mizuhiki by Nancy Fukioka and fencing by the Salle Honolulu Fencing Club, presentation on the golden age of Asian art by Christopher Greywolf and music by Europa Early Music Consort, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. today, Honolulu Academy of Arts; free, sponsored by the Bank of Hawaii. 532-8700.

07jun17-025.jpg 07jun17-067.jpg julia, colin 07jun17-068.jpg  julia 07jun17-070.jpg julia 07jun17-073.jpg  julia 07jun17-074.jpg julia 07jun17-075.jpg  julia, colin 07jun17-076.jpg colin 07jun17-077.jpg  colin 07jun17-078.jpg 07jun17-004.jpg 07jun17-079.jpg  conny 07jun17-080.jpg 07jun17-006.jpg 07jun17-081.jpg  colin 07jun17-082.jpg conny  conny  07jun17-011.jpg conny 07jun17-015.jpg 07jun17-016.jpg  07jun17-018.jpg 07jun17-019.jpg 07jun17-020.jpg     conny conny  conny conny colin colin colin 07jun17-046.jpg 07jun17-047.jpg 07jun17-049.jpg 07jun17-050.jpg 07jun17-052.jpg 07jun17-054.jpg  07jun17-056.jpg conny 07jun17-060.jpg 07jun17-061.jpg 07jun17-063.jpg 07jun17-107.jpg 07jun17-112.jpg colin 07jun17-124.jpg 07jun17-125.jpg colin 07jun17-127.jpg 07jun17-128.jpg 07jun17-129.jpg 07jun17-135.jpg 07jun17-150.jpg 07jun17-136.jpg 07jun17-151.jpg 07jun17-139.jpg 07jun17-152.jpg 07jun17-140.jpg 07jun17-153.jpg 07jun17-142.jpg 07jun17-154.jpg 07jun17-143.jpg 07jun17-155.jpg 07jun17-144.jpg 07jun17-156.jpg 07jun17-145.jpg 07jun17-157.jpg 07jun17-146.jpg 07jun17-158.jpg 07jun17-147.jpg 07jun17-160.jpg 07jun17-159.jpg 07jun17-161.jpg 07jun17-162.jpg  hanul 07jun17-165.jpg 



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