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may 17-22 May 23, 2007

Posted by sallehon in Academy of the Pacific, Keith, Schreiber.

present thursday may 17 at AOP: ben, tripper, CJ

tripper, ben, CJ tripper, ben, CJ tripper, ben 

present thursday evening: gregg, jared, kamu, keith

gregg, jared, kamu conny, keith  

present saturday morning may 19 (armed forces day): gregg

present saturday evening: brian, bob, keli’i

bob, colin, keli’i, brian brian, bob brian, bob brian, bob, colin brian, bob, colin brian brian, bob brian brian brian, bob brian, bob brian trenchard-smith brian, bob brian, bob bob, brian colin, brian colin, brian colin, brian colin, brian brian fleches on colin colin does a parry number one against brian colin, brian bob, colin, keli’i, brian

present sunday may 20: gregg, kaori, jared

kaori, jared kaori, jared

present tuesday may 22 at trinity lutheran: shawn, michelle, zech, adam

present tuesday evening: gregg, jeremy, kaori, keith

kaori, conny, gregg, jeremy kaori, conny, gregg, jeremy gregg, keith, conny, kaori gregg, keith, conny, kaori  kaori, jeremy kaori, colin kaori, colin kaori, colin kaori, colin kaori, colin kaori, colin kaori, colin keith, colin keith, colin keith, colin



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