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Nestor Apr 12 April 12, 2007

Posted by sallehon in epee, Huber, Keith, Nestor Rosario, Photos, Schreiber, Special Workshops.

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1. huberj - April 13, 2007

It was a good work out and enjoyable. We went over a lot of Epee strategy. Some of the big things that I took away was keeping my weapon arm extended as much as possible and working from behind the guard. Another item for me is working on second intentions. I have a habit of retreating and regrouping if my first set of actions fails. Breaking the habit and making a second attack right after the first one will improve my game substantially.

2. genkikid - April 14, 2007

Coach Nestor,

Thank you very much for coming to Honolulu and coaching us. I learned a lot from you that night.

Today, I took 5th place on my very first Epee competition. I used techniques that you taught me.

Thank you very much again. I hope to see you soon.


3. Keith - April 16, 2007

Thanks again for a fantastic workshop, especially right before a competition. This was the first epee workshop I took from you and the material was perfect for my level. The workshop gave me an understanding of the epee and how to take my foil skills and modify it for epee. More than just trying to imagine the whole body as a target, you got me to see how the added targets build on each other and also to get a feel for the rhythm of the progression from one target to the next all while incorporating distance. I particularly liked how you took us from a progression of hitting one target to hitting six targets. I also liked the second intention drills. When I competed this past Saturday, this was one of the things I felt was very different from my previous game and as a result, I was able to relax more. I obviously need more drilling, a lot more. But, drilling has never been more fun.
Until next time, Nestor!

4. NESTOR ROSARIO - April 19, 2007


5. Gregory Kyi - April 21, 2007

One of the best instructors i have observed…
much graditutde and respect goes out to him..

6. sallehon - July 22, 2007

we look forward to your next visit

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