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mar 27-29 March 30, 2007

Posted by sallehon in Academy of the Pacific, Huber, Keith, Photos, Schreiber, YWCA.

in-club tournament mar 27: jared won; jeremy, kamu, and keith tied for second

07mar27-003.jpg 07mar27-004.jpg 07mar27-006.jpg 07mar27-007.jpg 07mar27-010.jpg 07mar27-011.jpg 07mar27-012.jpg 07mar27-013.jpg 07mar27-014.jpg 07mar27-017.jpg 07mar27-022.jpg 07mar27-024.jpg 07mar27-025.jpg 07mar27-027.jpg 07mar27-029.jpg 07mar27-030.jpg 07mar27-031.jpg

present mar 28: christina (and her dad), keith, liane, kyle, mikaela.

07mar29-001.jpg 07mar29-002.jpg 07mar29-005.jpg 07mar29-006.jpg 07mar29-008.jpg

present mar 29 at AOP: tripper, ben, sky, and CJ

07mar29-014.jpg 07mar29-015.jpg 07mar29-016.jpg 07mar29-020.jpg 07mar29-022.jpg 07mar29-024.jpg 07mar29-028.jpg 07mar29-029.jpg 07mar29-031.jpg

present in the evening: greg and keith


1. CJsan - April 6, 2007

mmmm dead cj XD, yaaay flu bad

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