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hawaii open day 2, sunday feb 11 February 11, 2007

Posted by sallehon in Huber, Tournaments.

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1. huberj - February 12, 2007

The open epee event was fun. There where many well fought bouts. I didn’t finish real well but I felt like I fenced some good bouts. I was too timid in a couple bouts which cost me some touches. I got some good epee touches and I got some good foil touches during the tournament.

2. socksofdoom - February 12, 2007

I got there right before the saber started – they were finishing up the epee competition. I tried to get some pictures from the epee fencers, but found they moved very quickly and action shows were few and far between. When the saber started, though, it got intense pretty quickly. Within a few hours they were down to the finalists, and each spar was really close – first to 15 rounds with it being 14 to 15. What was especially exciting was the Canadian kid versus the American one for the title – and the one before it with the Russian versus the Canadian, who had very close rounds.

I noticed a lot of people didn’t keep perfect form – a lot of the epee fencers ran into one another, and once a saber blade broke. But I got a lot of good pictures out of it, and it was a lot of fun. Shame more people didn’t come. 😛

3. sallehon - February 12, 2007

“epee fencers ran into one another”

yes, more body contact is allowed in epee than the other weapons.

4. sallehon - February 16, 2007

thanks to hannah for taking some good pix sunday.

5. L & M Carruthers - February 17, 2007

We thank-you for letting our grandson, Andrew Gergely, enter your tournament while we visited your beautiful island paradise. We enjoyed the sabre competition and are greatfull for the club that allowed Andrew to practice with them the evening before and after the tournament. Thank you.

6. sallehon - July 22, 2007

the 2008 hawaii open is feb 23 & 24 at the blaisdell. see you there!

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