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hawaii open day 1, saturday feb 10 February 11, 2007

Posted by sallehon in Farrow, Huber, Keith, Photos, Schreiber, Tournaments.

Fencing in open foil: bob farrow, keith, Jeremy, kaori, and Jared

Fencing in veteran epee: bob farrow, keith

Spectating: anne, keli’i, jasmine, connie, Christina, shawn, zech, jake, julius, and mark & quinn miyamoto

keith and jared warm up, david drake in background bob, jeremy keith, jared keith lauren, keith lauren, keith lauren fleches on keith lauren lunges on keith lauren, keith david drake, kaori nakamura david drake, kaori nakamura keith, darryl jung kaori nakamura tedd padgitt jordan arico open foil pool 1, jared schreiber open foil pool 5, keith lau open foil pool 4, jeremy huber open foil pool 3, bob farrow keith lau jared schreiber jared schreiber ed richards jeremy huber lauren, david drake tedd padgitt, mike d’asaro, christina pfitzner ethan, tedd padgitt, mike d’asaro, david drake ewa, ethan, jerry, jasmin, christina pfitzner, tedd padgitt jerry, david drake, eric, jasmin, anne, tedd padgitt, jeremy, christina pfitzner jerry, david drake, eric, tedd padgitt, jasmin, anne jasmin, anne, tedd padgitt, jeremy huber, christina pfitzner, keith lau, shawn hazel and sons zech & jake tedd padgitt, jeremy huber, christina pfitzner, keith lau, shawn hazel, jake hazel david drake, tedd padgitt, jasmin, anne, jeremy huber, christina pfitzner, keith lau mike d’asaro, david drake, ewa, jerry, tedd padgitt, jasmin, anne, jeremy, christina, keith ewa gwozdzinski, gladiators fencing club, calgary ewa gwozdzinski, gladiators fencing club, calgary jerry gwozdzinski, colin, ewa gwozdzinski keith lau in veteran epee


1. Christina - February 11, 2007

It was great to see old faces and meet new people at the Hawaii open this Saturday!!!!

The wide varieties of competitors provided interesting matches; as many competitors came from other states to fence. Some matches got quite competitive, battling back and forth for points. In the end good sportsmanship made it easy to have fun and enjoy the tournament.

I had a wonderful time watching, and can’t wait for the tournaments to come.

2. huberj - February 12, 2007

The open foil was fun. I felt that I did well. I made some mistakes, to be sure. I gave up a couple of touches flat footed in my DE bout against David Drake. It was a good time fencing against our visitors from the mainland.

3. Marie - February 13, 2007

Hello, I’m a email friend of Colin’s.

I am in Chicago and would give just about anything to be in your warm and beautiful state.

I haven’t fenced in many years, but still love the sport. Maybe some day I’ll make it out you way and visit your club.

4. Chuck - January 29, 2009

I am a high school friend of Bob “Robert” Farrow. I Googled his name and ran across this site. I would like to hear back from him if this message could be passed along to him.

5. Robert Farrow - January 29, 2009

Chuck D?

How can I get in contact with you?


6. Desiree - January 5, 2015

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